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Energy is an essential factor of human survival and development, which booms the development of social economy. VANGE is mainly engaged in energy industry with the mission of Brightening and Warming the World. Based on its business expansion and innovation, it has achieved great success and accumulated abundant experience in the fields, both at home and abroad, of thermal power generation, hydraulic power generation, power transmission & transformation, clean energy and integrated energy solution.

Thermal Power Generation   Hydraulic Power Generation  

In the field of Thermopower
plant, VANGE can provide EPC contracting services for coal/oil fired power plant. VANGE has ...



In the field of Hydropower Plant, VANGE participated in the construction of tens of hydropower plants including Gezhouba, Shuikou and ...


Power Transmission & Transformation Clean Energy & Integrated Energy Solution

In the field of Power
Transmission and Distribution, VANGE can undertake the general contracting and whole-set of equipments...



In the field of Overall Utilization of Energy, VANGE  develops actively Clean Energy and Overall Utilization of Energy projects in answer ...




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